About Me

Hi. My name is Steven Perez and I am a mobile game designer.

When I went to my daughter’s first career day, I was asked a question I hadn’t really thought of before. One of the little tykes asked me when I knew I wanted to do what I do.

I had to think about that for a bit. I have always been good with computers and programming, and I made good money working in the field—but I didn’t love what I did. I was good at it, but I didn’t love doing it. I didn’t look forward to going to work and I couldn’t wait to leave at the end of the day.

My whole life, I have always believed that a person should do what they love. They should do what makes them happy. If it makes a lot of money in the process—great. If it doesn’t, that’s okay. Money is great, but it isn’t everything. If you are rich and unhappy, you are still unhappy.

So I quit my job as it was not quite suitable for me and thought long and hard about what I loved to do. I have always loved telling stories and entertaining people, but my favorite books growing up were the choose your own adventure type. I’m not much of a writer so I had to figure out another way to tell a story, but allow people to choose their own adventure.

Video games tell stories and the player definitely controls the story, so I decided to try molding my knowledge of computer programming with my love of telling stories and got into mobile game designing.

Why mobile and not something for PlayStation or one of the big companies?

The big companies have their own designers who design things for them and commit millions of dollars to developing, producing, and marketing games. If you are lucky enough to get one of them interested, they will make most of the money—not you.

Mobile games, on the other hand, costs less to develop and once you get it into iTunes and Google Play, it will sell itself. If it doesn’t, you are primarily out the time you put into it. If it does, you reap the benefits of your work—not some corporate head that hasn’t played a video game since Atari was considered state of the art.

Lucky for me, I happen to be good at it so I get to do what I love and make a lot of money at the same time!