The Best Mobile Games for Boys

According to studies, children who play mobile games are creative and perform better in class. In the modern world, children not only use but also understand technology at a very early age. Most kids know how to operate the latest smartphones as well as tablets. There are many mobile games all over the internet for kids. However, choosing the best games for your son or daughter can be among the toughest tasks especially when you are doing so for the first time. If you have a baby boy, you have no reason to worry anymore. Here are the best mobile games of boys.

Super Why Game

superwhyThere is no doubt that Super why is an entertaining as well as educative game that your child can play during his free time. The game features characters that starred in the popular PBS show sometime back. This game will help your kids to develop their reading and writing skills. Instead of allowing your kid to spend the whole days watching silly programs on Television, guide him to play this game any time you are busy or away for work. It features three different games lead by various characters. Your son can assist Alpha Pig to follow Alphabet path in order to create different words in the desired language. The Princess Presto is responsible for laying out words that your son can trace using his fingers and then learn to write them later on. In addition, Wonder red helps your child how to create rhyme scheme with different words. It also has interactive storybooks that your kid will be instructed how to plug the right words so that he completes different sentences at the end of the day.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Game


The Monkey preschool lunchbox is yet another amazing mobile game that your kid will fall in love with repeatedly. The game helps children to learn about various shapes, colors, puzzles and counting among other aspects of learning. When your child opens the lunchbox, he will learn a new lesson. The monkey asks players to help it locate an all green fruit, grab eight strawberries as well as a fruit that begins with a specific letter. Players do not lose points after messing up during the game. This implies that making mistakes is part of this game. The monkey mascot and bright colors used in the game make to be very engaging than most games on the market. In addition, the game has easy controls to make it very simple for kids to have fun while at the same learning different things in life.

Moon Beeps: Fireflies game


This payment slip allows children to discover luminous fireflies that are buzzing around the forest. The simplicity of the game is among the things that have made it more popular among boys. Your kids only need to catch fireflies and then add them to a collection. To capture the fireflies, the kids have to trap them. Although it sounds simple, the process can be very tricky for your kids. This gives them a challenge to increase their level of creativity. Players can also mix various colors by catching different flies. The game features cool music from polyphonic spree.

Cut the Rope Game


Om Nom has come on the universe and he intends to feast on candy. It’s the role of your kids to determine the kind of ropes they should cut and the bubbles that will pop in order to get the candy to this creature without making many moves. The game was designed for older children because it is puzzle that required children to solve different problems as well as improve their level of creativity.

Angry Birds


Have you heard about angry birds? The game has different levels that become more complex as you go up just like puzzles do. In case your kid does not like playing the original version of this game, they you can download “Angry bird star wars “or “Angry bird Friends”. The game is not only entertaining but also simple to play. Kids of different ages can play the game on your mobile device at their free time. The game can be download at no cost.

In conclusion, the best way your son can spend his weekend and free time is playing mobile games. There are many mobile games that will keep your son entertained and educated. Some of the games come for free while others require payment.

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